Get BioTech Smart

The United Soybean Board, through its Biotechnology Initiative, has recently unveiled a free online biotech curriculum specifically for science teachers who work with grades six through 12.

This resource includes grade-specific lesson plans on various topics surrounding biotechnology from the social issues of biotech to the technical science of how a biotech variety is developed.

Download the lesson plans below.

Middle School Lesson Plans

Biotechnology Media | Cloning | Plastic Egg Genetics | Soy Drinks | Understanding Hybridization and Reproduction | Who's Who in BioTech

High School Lesson Plans

Artificial Selection | Biotech Food Survey | Bt vs ECB | DNA Fingerprinting | Exploring Careers In Biotech | Face To Face With GMOs | Bacterial Transformation | GMO Food Labeling | Growing Herbicide Resistant GMOs | Methyl Ester | Product Innovations | Product Innovations | Stolen Soybeans | Transgenic Plants

High School and Middle Lesson Plans

Candy DNA | Creating DNA Model | Dirt Eaters Enzyme | Edible Genetic Ratios | Ethical Concerns GMO Foods | Historical Development Of Biotechnology | Meiosis Flipbook | Plant Heredity | Practicing with Punnett Squares | Soybean Hybrids | What is Your Pedigree


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