Soybean Biodiesel Chemistry Kits

Developed by Purdue University researchers and public school teachers, this kit is an engaging way to apply the basic skills and principles of chemistry. It’s also useful for showing high schoolers the growing importance of the alternative fuel industry, which is primarily derived from renewable natural resources like soybean oil.


Free for Indiana High School teachers.

Many schools, public transportation fleets and semi-trucks have made the switch to soy biodiesel because it’s safer and more environmentally friendly than petroleum diesel. Teach your high school class all about this clean burning fuel with our Soy Biodiesel Chemistry Kit. With the exception of readily available science class materials and equipment, the newly updated Soy Biodiesel Chemistry Education Kit comes with everything necessary for 20 students – working in groups of two – to perform each of the six hands-on exercises and experiments.

a woman and man wearing safety goggles, pouring soybean oil into a small bottle 


Lesson 1

The Diesel Engine and the Development of Biodiesel

Trans esterification of Soybean Oil to Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

Physical and Chemical Property Differences of Soybean Oil and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

Thin-Layer Chromatography to Examine Biodiesel Reaction

Determining Biodiesel Concentrations in Diesel

Urea Inclusion to Fractionate Biodiesel


This science lab kit includes:


3 Chromatography Plates, Silica Gel Plates with plastic backing

10 Nalgene Polyethylene Reaction Bottles 250 ml

20 Transfer Pipettes, 1.7 ml

20 Micro Pipettes, 2μL

30 Centrifuge Tubes, 50 ml

2 Laboratory Lamps with Fiberglass Wicks

30 (2) Dram Glass Sample Bottles With Lids

1 Bottle of Urea, 100g

To be provided by instructor : Nitrile Safety Gloves and Safety Goggles


Learning through Chemistry a young woman wearing safety goggles and latex gloves looking into a flask with blue liquid two beakers and one small glass container with chemicals needed for a biofuel experiment



Well organized and spiral bound

Extensive teacher and student background information

Chart aligning lessons to national Science Education Standards

Student lab sheets

Experiment analysis and discussion questions

Student pre- and post-evaluation materials

Teacher’s evaluation form


The kit is free for Indiana high school teachers and $225 for out of state teachers.

Order your kit now.

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